Digital Commerce Operations

Course Overview

In the rapidly changing retail landscape brought by digitalisation, being able to manage e-commerce operation efficiently is one of the critical factors of a successful retail business. Retailers need to satisfy the increased expectations of customers and at the same time, grasp and manoeuvre in the complexity of omni-channel delivery. This requires continuously re-evaluating and re-inventing the way the business operates.

To make optimal business and operational plan, business owners and e-commerce teams will require a 360 view of the e-commerce landscape and learn holistic operational functions critical to a successful online business.


Upon completion participants will gain deeper knowledge on:

The operational aspects of an e-commerce store or business
• The performance indicators of an online business
• The components of a holistic online store
• The roles and responsibilities in an e-commerce business
• The start-up process of an online store
• Understand the various marketplace platforms
• Setting up an attractive store
• Key aspects of growing an e-commerce store
• The promotional tools of the different e-marketplace platforms
• Sourcing of products

The customer service aspect of an online business
• Understanding online customer buying process
• Techniques to handle online communication with customers
• Knowing seller’s responsibilities


Training Hours: 24 hours (3 days)


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Course Fees

Full Course Fee (100% of course fee): $1,600
70% funding for Singaporean / SPR: ($1,120)
Nett Course Fee: $480
Prevailing GST (7% of nett course fee): $33.60
Total Nett Course Fee, including GST: $513.60
Additional 25% funding if eligible under Workfare Training Support (WTS)*: ($1,520)
Total Nett Course Fee, including GST, after additional funding from WTS: $113.60

Additional 20% funding if eligible under Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy# or Enhanced Training Subsidy for SMEs (ETSS)**: ($320)
Total Nett Course Fee, including GST, after additional funding from Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy or ETSS: $193.60

*Singapore Citizen, aged 35 years & above and monthly income of not more than $2,000
#Singapore Citizen, aged 40 years and above
 **Reimbursement of additional $320 via SkillsConnect for ETSS

Course is eligible for SkillsFuture $500 credit

Entry Requirements

Suitable for entrepreneurs, marketing, operations, and customer service.


Other Information


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