Using this innovative and unique training design model, every participant will be fully immersed in learning activities where they will go through a highly personalised learning experience. Participants are required to commit and take personal ownership of their learning, leading to greater learning retention. 


Through the various modes of experiential and gamified activities, participants are empowered to share key learning points as well as to relate their own experience to the others resulting in collaborative learning from one another. This learning methodology reinforces the internalisation and reflection of learning, and is highly adaptable in its application to suit the differing profiles of participants from various service sectors. 


Last but not least, it also promotes valuable social and interaction skills that are much needed in today’s diverse society and business landscape.

  • Training is very different from conventional classroom training. With games, experiential sharing and activities, participants internalise learning through actual participation and reflection.
  • Highly suitable for soft skills training (e.g. sales, service, communication, EQ, empathy, mind-set change, teamwork, etc.)
  • Suitable for all profiles and ages