WSQ Specialist Diploma in Retail Management

WSQ Specialist Diploma in Retail Management is here now!


This full qualification programme is for retail professional at senior...

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Learn  Retail, Service and Self-Improvement Skills @ the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)!

WSQ Apply Basic Negotiation Skills and Techniques (Level 3)
Class Start Date: 20 Jul 16 - 29 Jul 16

This programme equips staff with key fundamental negotiation capabilities that prepare them to identify negotiation outcomes and to use relevant techniques and background information in the...

Provide Advice on Fashion and Apparels
Class Start Date: 18 Jul 16 - 29 Jul 16
Fashion & Colour Tips
Work Effectively in the Retail Environment
Class Start Date: 27 Jul 16 - 28 Jul 16
The competency unit specifies the knowledge of retail industry, individual role and career progression in the retail industry.
This unit is within the Support...