Diploma in Retail (Operations)

Course Overview


Retail industry has seen significant changes the past few years with digitization taking place in the everyday life of today's connected consumer. While online shopping continues to increase, the demand for the physical store will remain relevant especially for goods that require touch and feel. Store managers are highly valued for their ability to optimize technology advancement to drive day-to-day operations and make data-based decisions.


Whether you are interested in honing yourself with 21st century leadership skills to lead your staff or upskilling yourself to manage today’s Online Merge Offline world of retailing, the latest WSQ DRM will be the best investment you can offer to yourself.


This programme equips you with skills and knowledge to achieve customer-centric business excellence and drive service innovation. You will have an understanding of current and emerging retail trends and leverage technology to engage and meet the changing customer expectations and retail landscape.


To achieve a full qualification, individuals must successfully attain competency in all the following modules:


1. Adapt to Change (24 hours)

Evaluate local & global issues & trends that impact one’s employability & job role and to be able to identify competency gaps, determine training & development needs and to establish & evaluate appropriate training & learning opportunities for all including the implementation of a conducive work environment to facilitate transfer of knowledge & skills.



2. Sales Target Management (24 hours)

Set, communicate, drive and motivate staff to achieve sales target and to review social-economic changes in the local context as well as assess impact of external economic and political events on the local retailing environment and to make changes to target set initially to reflect actual situation.



3. Workplace Communication (18 hours)

Use appropriate methods/ equipment/ platform to communicate policies and procedures to staff and monitor their compliance including evaluating the effectiveness of such methods/channels.


4. Productivity Improvement (24 hours)

Manage productivity action plans and initiatives that include reviewing potential areas & opportunities as well as evaluating tools and techniques for productivity measurement and improvement.


5. Service Leadership (24 hours)

Recognize the characteristics of a leader and to discharge the roles & responsibilities of a leader in operationalising the organisation’s service vision, mission and values – entailing ways to promote a customer centric environment as well as analysing the performance of individual member and the team with the intent to identify follow-up actions for improvement.


6. Customer Experience Innovation (18 hours)

Develop insights & methods to enhance customer experience by identifying and mapping the organisation’s current customer journey. Then after, to analyse for gaps in the journey before seeking, evaluating and implementing proposed improvements.


7. Retailing & the Economy (24 hours)

Understand key considerations and target markets in retailing as well as the application of the following concepts in the context of retailing: scarcity, opportunity costs, demand & supply, elasticity, utility.


8. Financial Analysis (30 hours)

Evaluate financial ratios, perform cost-benefits analysis and analyse the short and long term financial implications for the business to facilitate decision-making by management including the proper presentation of financial analysis to the management.


Course Fees

Per module / Full Qualification (8 modules)

  • Full Course Fee (100% of course fee): $840.00 / $6,720
    70% funding for Singaporean / SPR: $588 / $4,704
    Nett Course Fee: $252.00 / $2,016
    Prevailing GST (7% of nett course fee): $17.64 / $141.12
    Total Nett Course Fee Payable, including GST : $269.64  / $2,157.12
  • Additional 25% funding if eligible under Workfare Training Support (WTS) : $210.00/ $1,680
    Total Nett Course Fee, including GST, after additional funding from WTS : $59.64 / $477.12
  • Additional 20% funding if eligible under Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS)  : $168.00 / $1,344
    Total Nett Course Fee, including GST, after additional funding from ETSS : $101.64 / $813.12
  • Additional 20% funding if eligible under Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy  : $168.00 / $1,344
    Total Nett Course Fee, including GST, after additional funding from Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy : $101.64 / $813.12

Course is eligible for SkillsFuture $500 credit.

Entry Requirements
  • GCE 'O' level Credit (at least C6) in English and Mathematics or Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) score: Level 6 for Reading, Listening and Numeracy, and
  • With at least 3 years supervisory/managerial working experience in retail or Professional / Managerial / Management Executive (PME) position in non-retail sector

Other Information


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For enquiries:

  • Phone: 6222 7477
  • Email: courses@sirs.edu.sg