Singapore Institute of Retail Studies




Retailers today face many challenges. Consumers are more knowledgeable and more apt to purchase online. Older staffs are replaced by younger generations who have different attitude and job expectation. With manpower crunch, efficiency and effectiveness is the key to production. 


At SIRS, we believe training plays a very key role. A different and higher order skillset is required for retail employees to engage & serve the consumers of today who are savvy about the merchandise on sale. SIRS has extensive experience with curriculum design and development, training delivery and assessment methods to suit the industry’s evolving needs. 


With company specific information, WSQ programmes are tailored to each operation and the activities become more meaningful to the staff. Staff will be able to understand the skills and knowledge covered and practically apply at the workplace. 


To tackle time constraints and operation limitations, SIRS provides solutions through bite-sized training, on-the-job coaching and various different training models that are designed to maximise training effectiveness while helping retailers overcome these constraints. 


For more information on customised programmes, please email SIRS Business Development Team at