On 22 October 2019, SIRS and the Singapore Media Academy (SMA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding, and announced the upcoming launch of the joint Professional Certificate in Digital Retail Entertainment.

With the increasing popularity of livestreaming and video marketing, the digital retail entertainment industry is now valued at more than S$20 billion, and is a strategy that retailers should not miss out on in growing their customer base, and retaining their customers' brand loyalty.


Participants will have to complete the following programmes to receive the joint certificate:

    Alibaba Content Marketing Programme
    SIRS in partnership with Alibaba Business School, the official training arm of Alibaba Group, offers comprehensive and systematic training programmes to meet a full spectrum of learning needs of government groups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, e-commerce practitioners and students.
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    • Livestreaming and video marketing operations
    • Developing engaging content through compelling storytelling
    • How to become a key opinion leader (KOL) to attract, engage, and convert your audience
    • Growing and managing your fans and community

    1Fee is under the Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS)
    Fees include prevailing GST

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    This course is also eligible for the following:

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