Our Training Programmes

As an institute for the retail sector, our training programmes are aligned to meet the national standards - Retail Workforce Skills Qualifications (Retail WSQ).

The Retail WSQ confers national recognition on the skills acquired through its qualifications. It complements the pre-employment training delivered through our national education system by focusing on job competencies (i.e. having the abilities to do the job well) that encompass employability, occupational and industry skills.

Retail WSQ details skills, knowledge and attitudes required for various occupations at every level in the retail industry. These competencies are developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and endorsed by employers, unions, industry associations and training providers in the retail industry. It is also translated into training modules to enable a worker to develop the required competencies to do his job well.
WSQ benefits everyone, including individuals without academic qualifications. This is possible because WSQ recognises past training, work experience and current credentials in addition to academic achievements.

Courses Offered

Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications
  • Certificate in Retail Operations
  • Advanced Certificate in Retail Supervision
  • Diploma in Retail Management
SIRS welcomes participants and course nominations from public and retail sector companies respectively to register for any Retail WSQ (Workforce Skills Qualifications) unit/ module or into Full Programmes as desired to raise skill levels & competencies of the workforce. This open and easy accessibility to training is the key feature of SIRS training model.

Upon successful completion of their assessment, participants will receive a nationally recognized certificate (or a Statement of Attainment as endorsed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency) that they can use to build their career in retail.

Entry Requirements and Open Access

WSQ programmes have been designed to be open access for all modules listed in the WSQ Certificate in Retail Operations, Advanced Certificate in Retail Supervision and Diploma in Retail Management.
For specific entry requirements, please view on the respective courses pages.