On-Site Bite-Sized Training


SIRS adopts a customer centric approach in the delivery of our training programmes with innovative training models such as ‘on-site, bite-sized’ training programme. 


With ‘on-site, bite-sized’ training models,  training deliveries are customised and structured around business trading hours and take place at the workplace to make it even more flexible and accessible to their staff.  Training programmes are further contextualised to individual businesses and delivered in ‘bite-size’/easy to understand format which makes learning more effective, relevant and easier for employees to absorb and retain their learning.  

For organisations to optimise their human capital & succeed, it is critical to close gaps in employees’ knowledge & skillsets. With ‘on-site, bite-sized’ training model, WSQ programmes can be delivered to retailers and service providers just where and when it is needed to address these business needs.