The Visual Merchandising (VM) Laboratory is a versatile facility at SIRS equipped with flexible retail display systems that allows the space to be transformed to different merchandising formats to simulate actual retail space. This facility provides a realistic and dynamic environment for both trainers and learners to apply VM principles in practice, explore VM solutions and experiment new applications. The VM Laboratory serves to:

  • Provide a holistic and integrated learning & training environment
  • Blend classroom concept learning & hands-on application in a simulated retail space
  • Provide learners with robust & applicable skills in their workplace
  • Enhance the skills set & competency of the retail workforce
  • Allow learners & trainers to explore, experiment & experience different VM applications  
  • Support the training & business needs of Retailers 

The lab is also useful for a range of retail skills training including fashion, customer service, selling skills and many others. If your company is interested to showcase your merchandise in the lab or simulate your retail store for corporate training, please email SIRS Business Development Team at to discuss.