The SkillsFuture Work-Study Certificate (WSCert.) - Bootcamp in Digital Marketing & Branding (DMB) is a SkillsFuture initiative in collaboration with Generation (a US-based global non-profit organisation founded by McKinsey & Company) and Singapore Institute of Retail Studies, to prepare highly productive workforce for emerging industries through a short intensive bootcamp training.


This is a Train-and-Place scheme, where participants will undergo an 8 weeks of intensive institutional training before seeking employment. The SkillsFuture WSCert. Bootcamp involves employers extensively throughout the process, from developing industry-relevant curriculum to identifying suitable participants for the programme and recruitment.


SIRS, together with Generation, worked with employers to identify skills found in peak performers in digital marketing’s job role, and designed a bootcamp-style programme to train participants in those skills. The work-learn bootcamp programme will equip fresh graduates and mid-career individuals with the relevant job-role specific behavioural, mind-set and technical skills in digital marketing & branding.




To Individuals

To Employers

Through the WSCert. Bootcamp, individuals will be able to:
  • Acquire relevant behavioural, mind-set and technical skills related to a specific job role through a short training programme before seeking employment with a company in job roles with acute skills shortage
  • Receive a competitive starting salary and full-time employment with participating companies, along with mentorship
  • Receive a certificate of completion issued by SIRS/Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Receive a training allowance upon completion of training and attendance of job interviews1
1 The training allowance of $1,000 is for participants who are Singapore Citizens only
Employers hiring a WSCert.Bootcamp graduate will be able to:
  • Access a pool of job-ready individuals who have been equipped with relevant skills and aptitude
  • Reduce upfront training costs as job-ready talent will have already undergone behavioural, mind-set and technical skills related to a specific job role
  • Tap on talent that is ready to hit the ground running from day one – reduce your time in onboarding and re-training
  • Have a significant business impact due to higher quality output and positive workplace behavior from WSCert. Boocamp graduates
  • Receive a mentorship grant of $5,000 for providing mentorship for each WSCert. Bootcamp hired

Work-Study Certificate - Bootcamp Curriculum


The Generation curricula include several standard types of sessions:

  1. Behavioral skills & mindsets sessions: Introduce behavioral skills & mindsets
  2. Technical sessions: Introduce technical skills while making connections to behavioral skills and mindsets
  3. Skills application sessions: Conduct repeated, integrated practice of previously introduced behavioral skills, mindsets and technical skills
  4. Employment essentials sessions: Introduce and practice skills participants need to find and secure employment
  5. Reflection & reinforcement sessions: Reflect on and reinforce skills learned in other sessions
  6. Social support & mentorship sessions: Receive guidance and mentorship and learn any life skills needed to thrive after the bootcamp

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