I want to be an eCommerce Specialist

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are permanent companions for most Singaporeans these days as we see 76%* of our population being active users. It is a force to be reckoned with and retailers have recognised that and tapping on the potential it brings to their businesses.

Your Learning Pathway to becoming an eCommerce Specialist

Set Up My Ecommerce Website for Success

Responsive Website Design to Elevate Customer Experience and Enhance Conversions
Websites are where almost every potential and existing customers land to seek information and interact with businesses today. Just like how visual merchandising is integral to the success of a retail store, every detail of an intuitive website, from layout to content, must be logically constructed and aesthetically designed to elevate customer experience and enhance sales and conversion rates. As technology diversifies and customers use various mobile and smart devices to visit websites, it is paramount and valuable for all digital businesses to have a responsive website design.
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Set Up an Online Business (Shopmatic)
As technology advances and consumer habits change, retailers are increasingly moving onto the online space to ensure their visibility and product availability both online and offline.
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Shopify SEO: Drive Organic Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies to raise the visibility of a website, drive traffic and boost sales opportunities. An SEO-optimised website benefits businesses tremendously in bringing high quality leads organically, a sustainable approach that is cost-free and presents higher creditability and awareness to brands.
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Get a Headstart on the Key eMarketplaces

Alibaba Business School
The signing of the Training Cooperation Agreement between Alibaba Group’s Taobao Education (Previously known as Taobao University) and SIRS in Nov 2016 has brought about a suite of cutting edge programmes on digital excellence made available for the first time to Singapore retailers.
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Mastering Selling Strategies on Amazon
Are you an aspiring global e-commerce seller eager to tap into the vast potential of the US market? If so, this exclusive workshop, developed in collaboration with Amazon, is tailor-made just for you. Combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of selling on Amazon.com and navigating the complexities of the US market. With direct support from the Amazon Global Selling team during the workshop, you will gain invaluable insights and practical skills, and be well-prepared to succeed in your cross-border e-commerce journey.
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eBay Global Selling (Onboarding)
With 175 million international customers, eBay is one of the top e-commerce platforms worldwide. Learn how you can take your e-commerce business international with our one-day eBay programme, where you will learn how you can create an eBay account, manage your products, and ensure that your products reach customers anywhere in the world.
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Getting Started on Qoo10 (Onboarding)
Ready to bring your business online in Singapore and beyond? Learn the ropes of using Qoo10 Sales Manager to start your own e-store today and find out how you can sell across the borders with QuuBe!
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Driving Sales Performance on Qoo10 (Marketing)
Are you ready to have products flying off your page? Discover the ways to multiply your sales in Singapore and beyond using Qoo10 marketing tools!
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Getting Started on Lazada (Onboarding)
Selling your products on Lazada has never been easier with SIRS 1-day workshop. Get started with one of the top e-marketplace platforms in Southeast Asia to get more customers!
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Drive Sales Performance on Lazada (Marketing)
Amplify traffic in Lazada and boost your sales by learning the marketing strategies you can deploy with Lazada's Marketing tools!
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Getting Started on Shopee (Onboarding)
Get equipped with the essential e-commerce skills and knowledge to onboard Shopee store today!
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Driving Sales Performance on Shopee (Marketing)
Build your winning marketing strategy and bring your Shopee business to the next level! Enhance your shop's presence, captialise social media to generate higher sales and create compelling visual content to bring your store to the top in rank.
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