Customer Experience & Service Excellence

Customer Experience

Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience
Although more customers are doing their shopping online, the human element remains an integral part of delivering amazing customer experience. This is especially true for physical stores where frontline retail associates are the major touchpoint between your brand and the customers.
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Mastering the Art of Selling in New Retail
The rapid transformation of the retail landscape has brought about new challenges for retailers. To meet the shifting demands of increasingly diverse customers, sales professionals need to take a creative and interactive approach to sell in the digital age. Besides being product experts, sales professionals must also cultivate meaningful relationships with customers, while adopting new technologies and sales strategies.
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The Art and Science of Visual Merchandising
Globally, brick-and-mortar sales is in the decline as consumers are increasingly going online to make their purchases. At the same time, consumers are searching for an exciting offline experience with brands. As a retailer, how can you capitalize on this opportunity?
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Visual Merchandising Mentorship Programme
First impressions matter in both personal and business aspects and have a profound effect on human behaviours. A well-defined strategy in your store design and layout is crucial in helping you to create a strong and positive first impression. When customers walk past rows of retail stores, an attractive storefront will entice them to visit the store.
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